Detailed Agenda for 7 Figure Attorney Released

Any legal business or marketing seminar worth its salt will live or die by its agenda. Star-speakers alone are not enough to make sure that every attendee will walk away satisfied that they received their money’s worth.

That’s why at 7 Figure Attorney, we are putting an emphasis on the program itself. That includes the breadth and depth of topics to be covered, accompanying take-home materials, and the utility of the information provided (in other words, is the information immediately and deeply useful?)

We put a lot of thought and time into developing this year’s topics for the first 7 Figure Attorney Summit, which we are proud to now release!

Craig Goldenfarb HeadshotBuilding a 7 Figure Law Firm

By Craig Goldenfarb, Esq., Host and Main Speaker

  • Transforming To A Business Mindset
  • State of the Union – Using Analytics to See Where You Are Now and Where You Want To Be
  • From Procedure to Profit – Creating Structure and Systems
  • The Importance of Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Michelle Winfree, Legal AdministratorAttract, Build, and Grow A Phenomenal Team

By Michelle Winfree, Director of Administration

  • Becoming A Magnet for Top Talent
  • Keeping Employees Engaged and Fulfilled
  • Administrative Structures That Tie It All Together

Tom Copeland, Marketing DirectorMarketing On Any Budget Like A 7 Figure Law Firm

By Tom Copeland, Marketing Director

  • Making Time for Marketing
  • Creative Marketing Within Ethical Boundaries
  • Technology and Legal Marketing
  • 10 Cheap and Easy Marketing Ideas You Can Do Tomorrow

More topics may be on the way, but for now, this is an in-depth outline of the programming you can expect to see at 7 Figure Attorney. Have you registered yet? Could you afford to miss these powerful talks from the people who run a 7 figure law firm, knowing that it will only cost you $299 to attend? Get Registered Now!

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